Content Creation

We set out with clear intention for the Cryptocxnts, not only to create a series of NFTs but an animated TV Series to go with it! Bringing our community of collectors behind the scenes of the show creation process.

Sometimes we can all be Cxnt’s… And that’s what we plan to share with our show that details the finest in Aussie humour, it's a classic like “The Castle” meets an inappropriate topical “Southpark” style show.

With experienced producers & writers who have written for Netflix & Stan along with a savvy animation team working with AI to streamline production, we have developed characters you can MINT NOW!

Be part of the Show

A huge element of Success in TV is having loveable, reoccurring characters. Have you ever watched a tv show where the first season was a bit rough and then the following season it hits it’s stride? That’s what we intend to do with trial and error with our community and socials as it grows. We’ll then pivot the writing to the most loved characters and comedy.

Your support in buying our NFT furthers the creation of the show and our development content. Keep you eyes peeled to see if your NFT will be one of our cast members.



The problem with animation is that it can be so expensive and time consuming to produce. However, with the use of new AI technology we are creating content quicker than any animation studio out there. This is how Southpark also has been able to achieve such success.

When we feel we have cracked our audience the producers will, and are, moving into pitching to streaming platforms. We will bring in additional professional designers and animators that have worked for Netflix, Adult Swim and Disney to finesse the quality of production.

Would you like to be an executive producer on a hit Netflix show, most people would, and this NFT allows you to do this.


Industry Leading

The Production Team will utilise proven industry technologies and professionals for all services and department head positions to ensure the completion of a quality product.

We are learning this new AI technology as we go. We are on the cutting edge of animation where most creative pursuits suffer Cryptocxnts will outperform.

Who knows we may even find some new genius funny cxnt’s in our community.

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The Content

We decided to get to work and show you our process along the way. We are going to make this show regardless, so join our discord community and come along the ride.

Support us and get involved by Minting your own Cxnt and get involved in Discord.

We are shipping content now, you can see the character development happening in real time. Can you spot your Cxnts in the videos?


Sunday Sesh - Live Stream

We had regular animated content but we also do weekly livestreams.

Unfortunately our channels were removed by youtube. But here is a sample of what once was!