What are We?

We are a Community focused, Australian NFT Web3 project - Building a fun media franchise for the metaverse! The CryptoCxnts are a collection of 5000 uniquely generated Aussie larrakin NFTs causing havoc on the polygon blockchain (with ethereum cross chain minting). Programmatically generated from over 160 unique traits, These blokes embody Aussie culture in all its many forms.

Owning a CryptoCxnt NFT is your ticket to the backyard, a community of Authentic Genuine mates from all walks of life. We are more than just an avatar project, get involved in the what this web3 community builds, like our animated show... check it out and get involved!



Phase 1 (first 350)
has completed

Phase 2 - Next 1000 Cxnts - Coming Soon!
Phase 3 - Next 1000 Cxnts
Phase 4 - Next 1000 Cxnts
Phase 5 - TBC

Why this Project Rocks

Not only do you receive an unique NFT, support the project and own a character in our Universe. More importantly, as a holder you will be part of an exclusive Genuine community.

Authentic Genuine Community
Potential Featured in Show
Community Game Nights
Discounted Merch
IRL Events
Commercial IP of your Cxnt

Content Creation

We set out with clear intention for the Cryptocxnts, not only to create a series of NFTs but an animated TV Series to go with it! Bringing our community of collectors behind the scenes of the show creation process.

Sometimes we can all be Cxnt’s… And that’s what we plan to share with our show that details the finest in Aussie humour, it's a classic like “The Castle” meets an inappropriate topical “Southpark” style show.

With experienced producers & writers who have written for Netflix & Stan along with a savvy animation team working with AI to streamline production, we have developed characters you can MINT NOW!



Web3 is empowering communities to bring about a rapid evolution of creative industries and we are incredibly excited to be at the forefront of this movement.

Imagine owning “Cartman” or “Randy” from Southpark before the series got successful?

Our goal is to build a community who love our topical cxnty show, and then to have it streamed to the world on a Adult Swim or Netflix type platform.

We have a solid community supporting the creation with ideas taken straight from our discord. We even have the ability to have your voice featured!

The Content

We decided to get to work and show you our process along the way. We are going to make this show regardless, so join our discord community and come along the ride.

Support us and get involved by Minting your own Cxnt and get involved in Discord.

We are shipping content now, you can see the character development happening in real time. Can you spot your Cxnts in the videos?


Sunday Sesh - Live Stream

Not only do we have regular animated content but we also do weekly livestreams.

Subscribe now and join us on the next one, where we will talk, take questions, do reviews and do giveaways. Want to know more? then watch the sample video to get a feel for it.

Our Roadmap

This is where we are heading, I hope you can join us for the journey.

Website and Discord

Created the website and opened the community to the world.


Early supporters Whitelist and public Mint.

Social Skits

We are releasing skits, concepts and fragments on social channels.


Custom designed Tees, Handmade wallets and more coming soon.


Our goal is for CryptoCxnts to be picked up with a Streaming Service.


This is just the beginning, where we go from here is up to you, LFG!



We are working on some sick Merch for the project

The first drops of Merch will be used for holders giveaways so you need to get involved to score some sweet swag.

After we do some giveaways to our hodler. We will open it up to all, so get engaged and win some swag.

A store will come but we want to reward hodlers and supporters first, LFG.



There are nice fellows, there are fine chaps, but nothing beats a good @cryptocxnts
Trust me... Join the discord https://discord.gg/qdXAnECj

testimonialBenniGNFT Collector

This is just crazy @cryptocxnts It's destiny, I can't believe how perfect this mint was, this #NFT represents me perfectly.. So happy to be part of your family LFG

testimonialPhantom MonkeyNFT Collector
Frequently asked Questions
Wondering what our project does?
Dive into our FAQ for more details
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What are the CryptoCxnts?
What is the CryptoCxnt project?
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What network are The CryptoCxnts stored on?
Can I mint a CryptoCxnts from Ethereum mainnet?
When will the CryptoCxnts be launched?
How much is a CryptoCxnt?

Our Team

The team that are bringing this project to life.



Designer & Animator

is our designer and illustrator and the host of our Sunday Session



Technology & Web3

is a crypto builder who has been building on the blockchain since before the block size wars.



Media Producer

is producing and shipping projects across US and AUS, for platforms like Netflix & Stan